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The kit must be purchased at the same time as the product. For all requests, please contact your branch directly.

If this is not possible, contact customer service.

The benefits offered will be as follows:

- No estimation costs for the customer

- Free uninstallation of the product and reinstallation at the customer's premises

- No shipping costs for sending to the repair shop

- Loan of equipment during the assessment and exchange decision

- Full 100% warranty on the remote control of the device for the duration of the service offered

- The cabling of the products is guaranteed for life, provided that it has been installed by a SONXPLUS installation technician.


- Products priced at $300 or less will be replaced free of charge, following an assessment that they have not been misused.

- Products valued at $300 or more will be replaced at no charge when a major repair is evaluated and returned at more than 20% of the value of the product purchased. For computer products in this category, please note that software and programming are excluded.

- When replacing a product, we will replace it with a product with equivalent or similar features and functions, although not necessarily of the same brand.

Customer service

425 Denison Street West, Granby, Quebec, J2G 4E9
Telephone: 1-855-777-3312

This warranty program is administered by SONXPLUS Group Inc.

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